Rocket Science

Parkside Community School has been chosen to participate in the Rocket Science experiment. Tim Peake, the astronaut who will soon return from his mission to the International Space Station has given out rocket seeds to many schools in the UK. The schools have to grow 100 seeds that have been to space and 100 that have not and we do not know which is which, and neither do the European Space Agency. This is called a double-blind experiment.

Parkside students have been busy and we are waiting to see which seeds are which when Tim Peake returns! We have definitely developed our science knowledge in this experiment. We have had a brilliant time growing the seeds.


Thank you, Tim Peake!




Student also made predictions for the growth of the seeds.

Ethan Reid: There is less gravity in space so I think the ones that have been to space will be taller.

Aiden White: I think the seeds that haven’t been to space will be taller as they will know which way to grow.

Alex Boyce: I don’t think there will be any difference.



We will hear the results of the nationwide experiment from Tim Peake following his return to Earth when he will reveal which packet was which on the 20th June.