Parkside is today celebrating excellent GCSE results for this year. Many congratulations to the class of 2016 on their impressive achievements. 

The excellent gains of last year have been sustained and improved upon, in many areas. 

In response to the government policy change, the vast majority of students successfully studied a suite of 8-10 GCSE subjects. This is far greater than the number of GCSEs studied previously by Parkside students.  The Progress 8 measure for Parkside currently stands at 0.22 which is above the national average. It means that students have achieved on average almost a quarter of a grade higher in their GCSEs than those nationally with similar starting points. 

Again, students have done particularly well in English and Maths – the two most crucial subjects for further study and employment - with 70.1% achieving a C grade or above in both English and Mathematics. 72% of students made expected progress in Mathematics and 85% in English. Progress measures in both subjects are again likely to be above national averages, with 28% and 48% of students respectively making better than expected progress.

Most subjects have either sustained improvements or made considerable gains on last year. Students’ progress in English Language, English Literature, Geography, French, ICT, Maths, Health and Social Care, Catering, Chemistry, Photography and Art was either good or outstanding. 

There have been some notable individual achievements. Charlotte Brown (1 Distinction*, 6 A*, 2 A); Elisha Bell (1 Distinction*, 1 A*, 6 A, 1 B); Georgia Bourne (5 A, 1 Distinction, 3 B); Callum Brown (1 Distinction*, 4 A, 4 B); Abigail Frost (1 Distinction*, 2 A*, 2 A, 4 B); Libby Hopkinson (1 Distinction*, 1 A*, 5 A, 1 B, 1C); Jon Langley (1 Distinction*, 2 A*, 3 A, 1 B, 2 C); Daniel Nosrati (1 Distinction, 1 A*, 4 A, 2 B, 1 C); Tiffany Walker (1 Distinction*, 1 A*, 3 A, 4 B).


Headteacher, Mrs Kam Grewal-Joy is delighted with the GCSE results, she said

“I am so pleased that we have been able to build on the record breaking results of 2015.  It is hard to make direct comparisons on all measures as most students have studied a greater number of GCSEs.  Even so, our students have risen to the challenge and early indicators show that on average our students have performed better than others nationally. 

Mrs Grewal-Joy added: “This is another wonderful achievement for Parkside. We are all absolutely delighted with these results. They are the culmination of some incredibly hard work from both Year 11 students and teaching staff. Students are now leaving Parkside with a greater number of GCSEs at higher grades to take to their post 16 destinations. I am absolutely thrilled for our young people and their families.  There is much to celebrate and I would like to take this opportunity to say well done to all of our students.